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How to change the URL without Page Reload

Before start, you have to understand the HTML5 History API,

Following code is used to change the url without page load,

  • state can be any JSON data structure. It is passed back to the popstate event hander, which you’ll learn about in just a moment. We don’t need to track any state in this demo, so I’ve left it as null.
  • title can be any string. This parameter is currently unused by major browsers. If you want to set the page title, you should store it in the state argument and set it manually in your popstate callback.
  • url can be, well, any URL. This is the URL you want to appear in the browser’s location bar.

Change Event Handler,

window.addEventListener("popstate", function(e) {
   //your code

The basic methods of history object are:
  • window.history.length: Returns the number of entries in the joint session history.
  • window.history.state: Returns the current state object.
  • window.history.go(n): Goes backwards or forwards by the specified number of steps in the joint session history. If the value you specify is zero, it will reload the current page. If it would cause the target position to be outside the available range of the session history, then nothing happens.
  • window.history.back(): Goes backwards by one step in the joint session history. If there is no previous page to go to, it does nothing.
  • window.history.forward(): Goes forwards by one step in the joint session history. If there is no next page to go to, it does nothing.
  • window.history.pushState(data, title [, url]): Pushes the data specified in the arguments onto the session history, with the given title and URL (the URL is optional).
  • window.history.replaceState(data, title [, url]): Updates the current entry in the session history, with the given data, title and URL (the URL is optional).




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