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AngularJs Interpolate Filter

This might be a simple angular filter, but more helpful to reduce ugly code in your controller.
Angular provides '$interpolate' service to evaluate angular expressions. 
Consider you have some constant template with some expression expecting a dynamic value - lets say userName.
Example: //example.js angular.module('app.example',[]) .constant('TEMPLATE',{ WELCOME_MSG: 'Hi {{userName}} Welcome to our Portal' }) .controller('sampleCtrl', function($scope, TEMPLATE, $interpolate){ $ = { userName:'Ajai' }; $scope.MSG = $interpolate(TEMPLATE.WELCOME_MSG)($; }); <!--example.html--> <div ng-app="app.example" ng-controller="sampleCtrl"> <h1>{{MSG}}</h1> </div> Instead you can simplify the above one with custom interpolate filter. Below example wont make much difference, but consider if you have some 100 template constants - it is not a good idea to eval…